Super Smash Flash 2

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Most of the time flash games have limited options, they were just built to distract the mind for a few minutes and will not usually contain any special gaming ideas. You can master the game within just an hour or two and you are bound to play another game just to kill time.

But there is a new game called the Super Smash Flash 2 that is challenging this current idea with regards to flash games. The game creators of the Super Smash Flash 2 actually took the time and improved the gaming process for this one. It is more than just a neat game diversion, it is an actual game that people can talk about and enjoy.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: We Do Not Recommend To Use Internet Explorer to visit SuperSmashFlash2.ME – The website as well as the game loads fine in all other browsers, including Opera, Mozilla & Chrome



: The game creators have included a two button attack system, the other one will be used for the jump. While the controls of the games can still be improve, this flash game proved to be better than most flash games available online.

The game is interesting, it can keep you hooked for a number of hours, and you can even ask a friend to play the game with you.The Super Smash Flash 2 is 190MB, which means it could slow down your internet for a while.

PikachumainThe game instructions:

The U is used for the Grabbing, the I am for shielding purposes, and the O is for the first kind of attack while the P is the second type of attack. The player can also use the 1 for the Taunt. Player 2 on the other hand can use 5 as the grab, 1 as their shield, 2 as their first attack option, 3 as their second attack and 4 for the taunt. The O would be used for the Pause, and double space will be used to start another battle.


What to expect?

The game is not yet completely done, it is still under construction and the game creators are set to provide more options for the game.The current version modes will include the Stadium; it contains a break the target challenge. Gamers can also select the training or the brawl.It can be paused anytime just like any other console game, the gamer can even get a snapshot of the actual game and save it as a PNG file on their computer.

The updated version is set to have the title Flash of Shadows and will include more fun and activities; they are looking into putting stickers and trophies for the online play.

What is great about this game? The game is customizable, so are the controls. The gamers can also choose to have a time battle or a stock battle. The items can be switched on and off when not in need.The gamers will also love the own roster of the assist trophies as well as the Pokeballs.

Exciting options like the Samba De amigo fiesta that forces all battlers to dance non-stop is also available including that of the Hedgehog that freezes the gamers and allows psychic powers to come through.  The game is dynamic and the attack options are plenty like the Smash balls. Smash attacks have also been included, including the ability to hit attack and the direction at the same time.

Latest Upgrades & News From The Developer
The most recent version of super smash flash 2 is now There are a lot of upgrades that were made for the game as well as bug fixes. More about them you can read HERE
You can also download this version to your PC to play in offline mode, here are the links: Windows | Mac | Linux Image

If you don’t know how to play, please watch the support videos that will guide you.

How To Play #1: (WMV | AVI)
How To Play #2: (WMV | AVI)
How To Play #3: (WMV | AVI)

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